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Larry Fagin has mentored poets and writers for more than 40 years, both privately and in universities. In particular, he offers his private students, in person or online, the one-to-one attention that is almost impossible to achieve in university settings. As part of the wave of innovative writers who emerged in the early 1960s, Fagin is familiar with the most advanced writing techniques and welcomes students on all levels and in all disciplines: poetry, fiction, non-fiction, playwriting, and screenwriting.

Fagin suggests writing and reading assignments tailored to fit individual needs. He offers general guidance for publication and assists in the preparation of chapbooks.

Many of Fagin's students have had their work published in books, chapbooks, anthologies, and literary magazines, and have gone on to win prizes.

"I try to mirror my students, following their leads," Fagin says, "helping them develop to the full extent of their abilities and discover what they do best as writers."


"I don't know of a better editor and teacher of poetry or prose than Fagin." - Allen Ginsberg

"Poet, editor, publisher, and teacher Larry Fagin has four of the most discriminating eyes and ears on the planet, and he's made a name for sharing his inordinately good taste and insider knowledge of writing, music, film, art, dance (where to stop?) with anyone who's smart enough to listen. Particularly for refugees from academia, there is a doctor in the house."- Alan Bernheimer

"Fagin's role as teacher, not to mention his work as publisher, curator, mentor & friend, is profound for the creation of the 3rd Gen NY School. . ." - Ron Silliman