Larry Fagin's editing skills are well-known among his fellow writers. Since 1967, he has proven his abilities as editor and publisher of Adventures in Poetry, issuing books by John Ashbery, Clark Coolidge, Bernadette Mayer, Carla Harryman, Jean Day, John Godfrey, Charles North, Kit Robinson, Alan Bernheimer, Merrill Gilfillan, Jack Collom, Lyn Hejinian, Kenward Elmslie and others. He has edited collections by Jamie MacInnis, Joseph Ceravolo and Michael Gizzi, and chapbooks by both established and younger writers. In the late 1970s, Fagin published a monthly newsletter, Un Poco Loco, each number dedicated to the work of an individual poet. He has been a guest editor at Shiny Magazine. In 1991, Teachers and Writers Collaborative brought out Fagin's The List Poem: A Guide to Teaching and Writing Catalog Verse. Currently he is editing a selection of Clark Coolidge's poetry.

"I don't think there has been a better or more important publisher, editor, or champion of the highest in poetry in my lifetime than Larry Fagin. Beginning in the late 1960s, his now legendary small press, Adventures in Poetry, has brought together a remarkably high percentage of the poets who matter, whether or not they were well known, just becoming known, or entirely unknown at the time. There have been other admirable presses in the past 40 years, but none with the range and consistent interest of Adventures, none with the same sharp eye for what is vital regardless of its aesthetic or geographic or high or low profile, which is a testament not only to the taste but to the artistic integrity of its editor/publisher." — Charles North

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New York School Painters & Poets: Neon in Daylight

Written by Jenni Quilter, Edited by Bill Berkson, Larry Fagin and Allison Power, Foreword by Carter Ratcliff

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Like Musical Instruments: 83 Contemporary American Poets

Photography by John Sarsgard

Poetry edited by Larry Fagin

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